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  defiler fuck you i wanna see you cry bitch cryomancer

Fuck you! I wanna to see you cry bitch. Everything you ever loved is bullshit. I never cared. I never fuc cared. You should have listened to the people you. Mar 7, 2013 Metal Sucks The I Wanna See You Cry Bitch! Kid from Defiler Wrote a Rap Song About Deathcore Scene Politics Holy crap, who the fuck looks to this guy as a role model, Rain Man? His flow is O.K., need work on beats and lyrics though.being white and in a metal band is kinda a negative. Jan 26, 2011 You know how sometimes you're like, Ugh, fuck it, I hate music, I've heard rewind the beginning a million times to hear I WANNA HEAR YOU CRY, BITCH! LET ME SEE YOU CRY BITCH like you said before I even seen this review. What the fuck does Cryomancer have to do with the song's lyrics.

Mar 3, 2011 . Defiler - Pangaea review: The hilarious music video for 'Cryomancer' is where most people will stop smiling. . The theme of ex-girlfriend hatred returns in their song Cyromancer with such lyrics as "I wanna see you cry bitch! . fuck this band and it's drummer. snare sounds like he's hitting Defiler - Cryomancer. Fuck you! I wanna see you cry, bitch. Everything you ever loved is bullshit, I never cared, I never fucking cared. You should. 22 2010 So sit down shut the fuck up and listen first, then here's your parting gift. Your a lying i want to see you cry bitch. Defiler - Cryomancer. Defiler - Cryomancer mp3 . Defiler - Cryomancer, .

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