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Domino Dancing () The leading candidate for the dumbest Pet Shop Boys song ever, which isn't While not part of the "lyrics proper," a number of Russian words and phrases. mp3 . mp3 - . .

- : Rent Bolshy Lyrics: Raise your voice / Start a feud / Spoilt for choice / I hesitate / To intrude / Oh / Bolshy, bolshy, bolshy, oh / Bolshy, bolshy, bolshy, oh / Bolshy. Official lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys' song Bolshy Bolshy. Raise your voice ( ) Start a feud ( ) Spoilt for choice. - : Bolshy If you Find any Lyrics page not working or error Please let me know asap. Also if you have any lyrics that's not on here and your happy to shear it on here please.

Lyrics to 'Vocal' by Pet Shop Boys. I like the people, I like the song / This is my kind of music / They play it all night long / I like the singer, he's lonely. Birthday Boy 0 Bolshy 0 Boy Strange 0 Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On 0 Break 4 Love 0 Breathing Space 0 Building Buy at Axis Bolshy Love Is A Bourgeois Construct Fluorescent Inside A Dream The Last To Die Shouting In The Evening Thursday Vocal. Jul 12, 2013 The Pet Shop Boys' twelfth album in 27 years begins with an instruction from A correction to the Bolshy lyrics you quoted: "There you are.

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