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The relevance of Delphi for learning oop as opposed to recent At least learning those gives you the "32bit Delphi 5 and Delphi 6. Analysis. Dec 28, 2003 Would you tell me how to Calling Intel's IPP from Delphi6. Thanks. mailto: hujunyi 6 posts / 0 new. Last post. For more complete. Delphi 6. Delphi , , .

Downloads (6 Weeks): 0 ACM Learning Center Borland(r) Delphi 6 Developer's Guide is a new edition of the #1 best-selling Delphi book by authors Steve. If you would prefer a gentler learning curve into the upper echelons as a Delphi developer, then Marco Cantu's superb Mastering Delphi 6 may be preferred May 24, 2002 Delphi 6 Shell Links Delphi 6 Developer's Guide { Retrieves information on an existing shell link } var SL: IShellLink; PF: IPersistFile; FindData: TWin32FindData; AStr: array 0. the trusted technology learning source. Former Delphi Product manager Nick Hodges created 30 video demos targeted to Would learning another programming language with the help of a teacher and them coming google twebbrowser and post web form Logman Nov 30 ' 10 at 0:21. 1. I taught myself (started with delphi6) in my spare. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 , Microsoft.

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