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Nov 1, 2013 We're all excited, said Marko Kepi, president of the group Albanian Roots, which has been tapping its 5,000 members to make sure the. Welding equipment, welding gear and solutions for manual welding and automated welding. Welding management software, welding guns and torches. Sep 11, 2014 Nitro Film produced Event breaker video for Kemppi system arc 3 launch party at williams F1 centre. Client: Kemppi Agency: Nitro - Mika.

Nitro, marketing agency for the digital era. See the works that we have done and check out our references. Shenandoah is a 1965 American Civil War film starring James Stewart, Doug McClure, Glenn . Boy is wearing an old rebel soldier kepi cap that he found at the river. When a union patrol comes on them, they take Boy as a prisoner

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