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One of the things we put together was the City of Rapture from the Bioshock I dug this old map out of a hard drive I was backing up on the. Jan 10, 2013 Three members of Hungercraft a Minecraft and Hunger Games community have recreated Rapture from BioShock in the Minecraft universe. The map was built inside a giant cube and the creators painstakingly. Oct 19, 2010 A team of Minecraft gamers has recreated a massive amount of BioShock's Columbia and Rapture were projects we started on an older. The second day of gaming madness at Rapture Gaming Festival! Come along and celebrate gaming with great sessions on Minecraft, Overwatch and Rocket.

Oct 22, 2010 . MineCraft Rapture is an enormous project undertaken by posters on the . and I'd just discovered a huge expanse of water Feb 23, 2015 From the task to accomplish, I looks for volunteers or just help to make The greatest Rapture. The map will be a PvP/Faction game which shall. Jan 10, 2013 Rapture replica in Minecraft houses no gods, only blocks the map, including the swim to the rain-drenched lighthouse and the bathysphere. Apr 23, 2013 The Minecraft Rapture(Underwater city from Bioshock) Project was contributed by All elevators and bathyspheres on the map are working. Hosted by Rapture Gaming Festival Show Map competitions, play together on massive battlefields, create a masterpiece in our titanic openworld Minecraft.

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